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Fantasy Football Draft Board


Because you (Commish) do not want to screw up draft night


2014 New website: Go to www.BrunosDraftBoards.com or click the button below. Our old site will remain up through football season 2014.

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We've added some new "wrinkles" to make your Fantasy Football Draft party the best it can be.

What may seem like small enhancements over the competition, collectively, they make the difference between a little and a lot of work for you, the Commish.

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All the standard features you expect from a draft board...

  • Color-coded labels for QB, RB, WR, TE, K, DF/ST. IDP's, punters, rookies-only, NFL Head coaches available with Commissioner's Dream.
  • Draft boards to support 10-16 teams or more.
  • Free printable roster sheets. See left side of page, and print as many as you like. No purchase necessary.
  • Poster mounts to hang the board on the wall.
  • 12, 14, 16-team Commissioner's Dream, all same price

Don't Expect

Bruno's offer reuseable draft board stands
to use year after year!

A cardboard stand for you to mount our draft boards. And since the grid is not printed on the stand (like other guys), you can use it for multiple leagues this year. Or you can stash it in your closet and use it next year!

Limited supply item, so don't wait until the last minute on this one.



Bruno's Reusable Draft Board

Plus, only Bruno's provides these draft-optimizing tools:

  • Bye-weeks on every label - Everyone already has the info, so why make them look for it? Keeps the draft moving along.
  • 3 different label sizes - We have medium ("standard" kits), large (Commissioner's Dream) and huge (Jumbo) so every manager can see the board.
  • Salary Cap/Auction stickers - available in Commissioner's Dream and Jumbo sizes.!
  • Double-sized label sheets - If you've been to drafts where the label sheets are shuffling between 14 guys, you'll see a huge reduction in clutter with this kit. Now included in every kit.
  • Glossy draft board with color print is very attractive. See for yourself.
  • Updated player pool - We give you a tool to update the kit before draft day, or we can do it for you.
  • 5 shipping choices - Need it shipped cheap? We have Priority Mail for just $7. Need it faster? We offer FedEx Ground, 3-day, 2-day and Express.
  • Draft order cards to determine who picks where on draft night. See picture above.

You might find cheaper draft boards that save you $.50 or a $1/man out there. Our product caters to the experienced Commish, who knows what disorganized "all night" draft is like.

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Loyalty Program - Only Bruno's rewards you when you continue to buy your fantasy draft boards from us.